Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Made It Finds..

I have things to blog about...I do, really, but I just thought I'd do a quick post about a couple of Made It finds that I've seen, that I really like....

(or it could just be that I'm being lazy and don't feel like editing photos :-P but who doesn't love a pretty picture post every now and then)

Anyhow, moving on...

Beautiful teal ring found at 'I wish I was'

Lovely & whimsical handmade clock at 'Snowfawn Homewares'

Retro, funky Pear doorstop from 'Belly Designs'

A pretty cute cushion for the pink in your life at 'Tiges & Weince'

A swish & sophisticated Cherry Blossom lamp from LuLu's

And lastly, this absolutely adorable owl softie by 'Cook You Some Noodles'

So, some fun, cute, pretty and funky finds over at Made It. Just a few, but there are so many more cool things over there...I didn't even look at the clothing.

Things coming soon :
* A crochet ruffle scarf - finished product and pattern link & edits
* Baking - cake pops & cupcakes, with recipe link
* House stuff - a dose of the everyday
* Red nose day photos

And more!



  1. Editing pictures drives me a bit nuts to sometimes :)
    Some very cute little items there... Love the flower ring!

  2. Lovely lovely finds, I especially love the first two!

  3. I love that ring. The colour! x

  4. that owl is just too cute! it makes me smile :)


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