Sunday, June 12, 2011

Grateful for...Cooking Mojo

For a long time I did not try much out in the kitchen. There were a couple of reasons - my kitchen was tiny (it was actually our hallway/kitchen so it was tight), I had no bench space, my oven was temperamental and it just did not evoke absolutely any inspiration to cook, beyond our family meals.

So this week I am grateful for...

* my new cooking space...bench space, cupboard space, space to move...just SPACE!

* re-discovering my cooking mojo after quite a few years of it being on hiatus (top photo - orange & rhubarb upside down cake taken from Real Living Magazine last August - yum!)

* being able to challenge myself with new recipes. My hubby and I have made a deal - whenever we have guests for dinner, we have to try out one new recipe, partially to justify my soft spot for cookbooks, and the other part to expand our cooking outlook.

* that the Chicken, Mushroom & Ham Crusty Pies (Ainsley Harriott recipe) I made last night for our dinner guests turned out lovely...phew :-P

Come join in the blog hop over at Maxabella's and maybe share what you are grateful for this week..



  1. You are so brave!!! I do have one regular guest (who will eat absolutely anything - a single man in his 30s who doesn't cook) who I sometimes try new things out on, but other than that... it's so SCARY trying out something new! The pies sound awesome and glad to hear you are enjoying your new kitchen :)

  2. Yummm!! And what a beautiful kitchen!!

  3. Love your new kitchen... such great inspiring colours... I'm going a slight shade of green :)

  4. wish i could come over... i'd love to taste test and hang out in your nice kitchen!
    i never yet sent you a picture of me having the same backsplash, did i?


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