Thursday, June 2, 2011

Creative Space : Homework

Creative that's not too bad really, is it?

You see, my sis Dan, my friend Kate and I are heading off for a much-wanted, long awaited, girls craft weekend in Daylesford tomorrow (a full nights sleep - woo hoo!). And on Sunday, I'll be attending the Daylesford Craft Experience, and thus, the homework.

I am cutting it a little fine, with an early pre-sunrise airport pick up of dear hubby tomorrow (which is one of the reasons this weekend away is much-wanted - have been solo-parenting on and off for 7-13 days a stint, for the last six months while hubby works in W.A) and also the regular school run, food shop, housework and all those fun things before our weekend away begins (and of course, spending a little time with my man before I leave).

Anyhoo...I'm sure I'll have some pics to share next week.

And in other creative news, I had an order from New Zealand for two of my beanie bands, and here they are. My first beanie bands of the season.

Lots more creative spaces over this way.



  1. Have an awesome time babe!

  2. lucky you, enjoy that homework!

  3. Oh yeeeeah, thats what I need

    And I have none of your excuses only that I really really REALLY want to!
    Have an awesome time and dont you dare feel that mother guilt for one second. Theyll be fine without you, x

  4. Ohh, a weekend of craft in Daylesford, how fantastic! Have a fabulous time - enjoy your child free moments - you sound like you've certainly earnt it!

  5. Wow sound like your going to have a great time.. It's good to have a little break sometimes! Have a great time... :)

  6. Have a fab time! I have never been to Daylesford. But it on my places to go list.

  7. Enjoy Daylesford - I keep promising myself that my girlfriend and I will go - but i always get mummy tracked! One day! Have a really good time

  8. I bet you have a ball.
    I must try and pop into Pepper's on the sunday.

  9. Hope you had a wonderful time! Hey, can you recommend a fabric pen? I've got some stitching to do and I always use chalk... I'm finding it difficult as one small boy has me putting down and picking up my projects and the chalk wafts away!!!


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