Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Urban Hoodie Love

Last week I finished up this Urban Hoodie for Cedar. Isn't he a little spunk? :-P

And in making it, I learnt a few lessons in working with jersey, but this style is just so cute, I think it was all worth it.

So worth it, in fact, that I have licensed the pattern from Heidi and Finn and I have plans to make some up for Polkadot Lane - yay - fun, fun!!

Photos taken by my super talented photographer sister



  1. It is gorgeous. And yay for you for the lessons you learnt working with jersey... I am to scared to venture into that territory... one day I will give it a shot, but until then, it will be the simple stuff for me.

  2. way funky cedar! and such a great job kelly, i love the hoodie!!!

  3. first off: it's green. that alone makes me love it. and then these button,s and the tiny model, and everything else about it... love it!!

  4. That is such a cute little top... love the colour! And he does look like a little spunk :)


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