Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A Time for Cord

I love cord - it's just so cosy and warm looking and I love it's texture too...so yes, I love cord!

Which is why, the new range of girls skirts at Polkadot Lane, are a mixture of cord & cotton - great for the cooler weather, worn either as is, or layered up with tights, cardi and boots.

Sienna did a impromptu little photo shoot for me (photos by DQ) modeling one of the new cord wrap skirts which are now available in my Made It store ...

Isn't she a sweetheart? x

Currently there are cord skirts in this teal colour, vintage pink glitter cord and red cord. On my 'to-make' pile I have black, hot pink and rust orange cord waiting to be paired up with some cotton.

Are there any colours you would like for your little girls that I've not mentioned? I was thinking some apple green might be nice.

I have also had a request for ladies sizes in this style, so I'm currently playing around with one for me and will make some more if it all looks good.
What do you think ladies? Would you wear a cord wrap skirt? Would your preference be for black cord with a splash of colour, or a coloured cord base?

So lots of questions this post, any responses would be much appreciated, kind readers.



  1. Love what you're doing with the colours and patterns you're using - and the cord really gives it all dimension :) I love to wear wrap skirts, but my preference is for knit material. I just find the stretch is comfier and a little more forgiving... I do have a thing for cord though, nothing beats a cord skirt with tall boots for Winter...

  2. I don't have a little girl - but your skirts are super cute. I think black cord would pick up a lot of fluff, but you could use it as accents. I LOVE the apple green idea!!!
    Cord is a wonderful textile. I think there should be a whole lot more of it out there for the colder months.

  3. the skirt is cute and the pictures adorable!


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