Saturday, April 30, 2011

Grateful for....Autumn Sunshine & Cosy Hats

Jude & Me - Photo by DQ

Playing along with Maxabella's 'Grateful for' this week...

Autumn sunshine - lovely crisp but sunny mornings, perfect for walking my two big ones to school, chatting about the leaves, the day and anything else that springs to mind. Just such a nice way to ease into the day.

Cosy hats & cosy hat weather - I am a huge hat person...used to be shoes but who wears gorgeous peep toe heels to pick the kids up from school (I live in the hills, so I think I'd get some very odd looks and cold toes), so my obsession has turned to hats - beanies, slouchies, fedora, caps - I love them (I still get a few odd looks :-P and apparently it has turned into 'my trademark' so I've been told...I have a trademark!?!) and I get a lot more wear out of them, then I would if I was still shoe obsessed.

A quiet hour - ah, bliss. School holidays finished up on Tuesday, so on Wednesday I came home from school drop off, put the little one down for a nap, and had a coffee in complete nice.

More grateful lovelies over here......



  1. Hats are a wonderful aspect of winter, my girls love the variety of hats they get to wear during cooler weather - no hassles about having a brim to project their face from the sun.

  2. I guess I mainly associate hats with Summer sunshine, but cosy woollen caps and hats are adorable. x

  3. Were you also intrigued by all the hats at the royal wedding..hope you got to see them all!

  4. I'm a hat person too. I have my woolen trilby that I'm loving being able to wear again.
    And how good are these sunny Autumn days. Full of colour. :)


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