Tuesday, February 1, 2011

This & That

During school holidays, a lot of things have been a bit hit and miss (like blogging!) including my crafting/creating. I haven't really finished any big projects, or done a lot for Polkadot Lane but I have done a few little things - a bit of sewing, a bit of knitting, a bit of applique/embroidery and even a bit of scrapbooking...

and here's what I have finished...

a layout of Levi..

using photos by Dan

A custom order mini 'Sienna' bag with a bow feature - was requested as a 'Mummy & Daughter" set...very cute

Another custom order - this time a 'Juliet' bag in Alexander Henry's 'Willow' fabric, which is very popular and proving very tricky to find now...

And a couple of appliqued/hand-stitched bubba singlets...this one a flower and bird...

And this one a robot in a spaceship..

I do have other projects on the go, and a list so long of things I would like to make. Ooh, and exciting news for me - just last night I won a $100 gift voucher to Spotlight over on this blog - yay for guilt free craft shopping!

Be back soon..

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  1. So cute to see our little babychino and coffee bags, Ava and I are enjoying some 'mummy and me' time while flashing our new bags around. Just love them. thankyou!!! Also Reuben is looking dashing in his little spaceship singlet. Loving Polkadot lane! Elizabeth


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