Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Taste of Neverland

On the weekend my sister and her hubby hosted a kids party to the theme of Peter Pan's Neverland. There were many who dressed up (adults included!), there were activities a-plenty for the kidlets and four distinct areas for play - Pixie Hollow, the Mermaid Lagoon, an Indian Teepee Village and the Jolly Rodger Pirate ship (of course :-P). It was wonderful!

A few of the mums pitched in and helped with the food, and it looked amazing, so I thought I'd share those photos first..

Ok, here we go....

Toadstool biscuits

Treasure Chest Cake

Teacup Cookies

Pirate Cupcakes

A Fresh Fruit Cake

Yummy Sandwiches tied up with string

Anchor Biscuits

There were also jelly cakes, fairy/butterfly cakes, home-made sausage rolls and blue (lagoon) jelly cups. Of course the kids all loved it!

I'm sure there will be a few photos posted over on Dan's blog soon, and I'll be back with one more post too.



  1. how fun!! you guys are so creative!

  2. wow wow wow! that Treasure Chest Cake looks amazing.. to bad you can't send me a slice ;-)

  3. Yum! I agree, the Treasure Chest Cake looks great! So chocolatey and delicious looking!!

  4. Looks great!! I love themed parties. Ps I have bought fabric from etsy, Big W!!, had some given and also got from a specialty store near us :-) I put your button in my side bar - do I get on the list now too? (Also did you know your email isn't linked to your profile - that's why I am answering here as it said no reply blogger).xx

  5. what fabulous food and the fruit cake was amazing!


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