Tuesday, February 8, 2011

First Day..

Jude, my little blond bear, started school yesterday. And little Miss Alannah is now in Year 2, and doesn't she look the 'old pro' at this whole school 'first day' photo thing :-P

Jude seems to be a little 'excited on the inside', if you know what I mean. He seems quite happy to go to school, but isn't bouncing off his seat like I know some preppies do. Jude is my easy going one, and he seems to just be taking it all in his stride, like he does with most things.

So with two kids at school now, and just Levi with me, you would hope that there would be more time for crafting, no?

Well, fingers crossed..he he

Oh, and I did finish Jude's library bag too...here is his robot tote...(any scrappers remember this little dude from Cosmo Cricket - it was first a scrapbooking range, now a fabric)

And thank you to all my readers (and comments) over the last few posts - very inspiring and thoughtful...and just so lovely. So thank you!

Oh, and for those who loved Lana's library bag - I can't take credit for the patchwork design - it is a piece of fabric that looks like patchwork, but isn't actually.

Back soon with a new crafty project.


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