Thursday, February 3, 2011

Today's Creative Space..

is my first 'creative space' for 2011.
Good to be back in the blogging groove again.

This is the hooded jumper I'm knitting for Levi - this is the second half of the hood, and the last main part. I've been working on it since the end of December.

For my first project with increasing and decreasing, and also my first item of clothing that I have ever knitted, it's going quite smoothly, thanks to clear instructions and a little bit of googling :-)

Fingers crossed it fits him...

And in the spirit of all things school, I've been making library bags for the kids.

Here's Lana's...

And a pirate one for my nephew Ash..

And yes, they are different widths, but done on purpose. Ash being a preppy will be bringing home all sizes of picture books, while Lana is in Grade 2 and mainly reads novel sized books.

One more to go - for Jude - robot themed, of course :-P. And I'm just about to head off to pick up the stationary packs for the year, so my afternoon & creative space is looking to be filled with labels and contact...oh the joys..he he.

Lots more inspiration and creative fun over at Kootoyoo...why not come play along?


  1. You have been so busy , love the new bags !

  2. Love the libary bags they are gorgeous. Good luck with the knitting, beautiful looking wool!

  3. Wonderful wool for the jumper. Good job starting something you havent attempted before, x

  4. I love those bags! Did you patchwork the top one, or is it one of those fabrics meant to look like patchwork?

  5. What cute little library bags. They'll have the nicest bags in the school.
    I certainly never had a bag that fancy when I was in primary school

  6. what fabulous book bags! i too love the pirate one - how cute!

  7. The library bags look great! The patchwork one is my favourite. Good job! :)

  8. I need to make some of these. Your look great! Nice fabrics :-)


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