Friday, May 25, 2007

Post 99....oooohhhh

Wow - I can't believe I've almost hit the big 100 - I think my next post will have a give-away thingy to celebrate. Boy...I must be able to talk a lot to get to this number LOL!

Anyway, today was a good day. Danielle came over with the kids, and we let the kids completely run amok together, and we scrapped. Here is the layout I finished. It's for the current "How Dare You" blog where you needed to use beads (the blue line in the frame around the photo is beads - it took me ages to glue down :-P) and I also incorporated the Bam Pop Fatbird stamps which are so adorable and also part of the prize. Yes - Bam Pop stamps are up for grabs, so if you are loving Bam Pop like I do...maybe give it a go. I think you still have a few days. Love this photo of my wonderful sister Dan and fab cousin Bec - both younger than me so I think it's ok that I call them kids here :-) and they are definitely quirky!

Roh's gone out "transformer" toy shopping/hunting with Lana so I've almost got the night to myself..just one little boy to tuck into bed. And then I'm going to scrap - yay!


  1. Love your quirky kids layout - love that little bird and love what you do with the colours.

    Glad to hear you and Danielle got some scrapping time even with the kids running amok LOL

    Hope Rohan and Lana get the transformers they are searching for. I bet Rohan can't wait until Jude is old enough to go with them :-)

    Hope you have a great family and scrapping weekend Kelly.

  2. Congrats on almost 100 posts. Cute layout too.

  3. LOve the Layout 100 wow great idea to add them up
    hay did I tell you my Husband used to own a house a few doors up from you in the same street and that my Daughters name is Renee Kelly
    When she was born I did not have second name for her there was a lady in the hospitial that had a daughter her name was Kelly Renee so that how she got her middle name


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