Thursday, May 3, 2007

Fun Photos from Sydney

Here are a few fun photos from Sydney. Firstly Viv and Danielle, my roomies - we had so many great conversations and lots of laughs, and Viv is such a sweetie. Next is Emily & me - Emily taught this super fun class with paper towel dying - lots of mess and creativity. I will upload my layout soon. Then there is Danielle, Rhonna Farrer and me - Rhonna is so vibrant and lively and her classes were great fun. Oh, and of course, a classic Sydney shot - Dan and I in front of the Sydney Harbour Bridge - we had such a great day although my legs and feet are still recovering from all the walking LOL!

The final image is a sneak peek of a class kit designed by DQ, coming soon to Kiti Q. Doesn't it look awesome? It's using new Cosmo Cricket Halfway Cafe papers...tempting? Should be in-store by the end of the week.

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  1. Hi Kelly great photos. Loved meeting you in Sydney. xoxo


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