Wednesday, May 30, 2007

And the Rub-ons go to.....

Tara! Congrats Tara and thanks everyone who left a comment. They were lovely messages to read :-) Tara, could you please email me at with your address, and I'll get them on their way to you.

Well, what else has been happening? - hmmm. Our washing machine died on Friday, and on Tuesday we had it's death confirmed by the repair guy :-(. I loved our washing easy to use, so friendly to clothes. He he....this is funny...I can't believe I just said that about an appliance LOL! Oh well. I dragged Roh & the kids out with me yesterday and we picked up a new one. And it's so funny - I don't think Rohan has ever done so much washing in such a short period of time.....must be boys and new toys me thinks ;-P. I'm not going to complain though...

Not much happening on the scrapping front, as I've been working the last two days. Maybe tomorrow though.

Hope everyone is having a great week! Hugs, K xx


  1. O wow, how exciting... will go e-mail you now. Thanks SO much!!!!

  2. Kell.. you need to make up some more Girl mini book kits cause I posted mine on my blog and EVERYONE is asking where I got it from.. I'm saying KitiQ LOL but they cant find it on the site! My hot tip for the day :P

    Loving that last LO... awesome!! Cute little birdies :D



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