Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Fille de journee

Or 'Girls Day Out' to have a french title though :-)

We (me, my sis and my great friend) had a lovely afternoon/evening out at the Melbourne French Film Festival, on the weekend.

It was something we had been looking forward to for quite a few weeks, and it definitely did not disappoint (but really...child-free, good company, good food, lovely films and a choc top all to myself..what's not to like? :-P)

And the old Palace Cinema in Balwyn has a lovely charm, and gorgeous chandeliers in the sparkly...

We saw both 'Delicacy' and 'Romantics Anonymous' and loved both of them for their quirky characters and sweet storylines.

Here's just a taste of 'Romantics Anonymous'..

I love them, and I think even my hubby would find them just a little bit funny, so I can't wait to see them again, with him, when they are released on DVD.

How about you? Any favourite french films? Or films in general?


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  1. ha, love the trailer!
    i do enjoy international films a lot. but i find it hard to say exactly which ones i enjoy the most. anything that doesn't have the generic hollywood story line and no generic hollywood actors. although these can be fun too at times. i enjoy german productions a lot, "jenseits der stille" was fantastic, have not seen it in years though.


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