Thursday, March 22, 2012

Creative Space : Autumn Inspiration

I love how, with the cooler months, it just feels right to be making with wool and other yarn, especially when I'm all cosy in the evenings, and I finally get a chance to sit still for a few moments.

Inspired by the autumn colours of nature and of the latest fashion palate (oranges, reds, teals,, LOVE, love it!), it was time to get making on a new scarf..

A simple moss stitch, in a lovely and cheerful red. A nice, easy project to get my fingers used to knitting again.

I've been enjoying knitting this so much, that I splurged out and bought this book..

I may have been aiming a little high though, as I really am just a novice knitter. But there are some gorgeous patterns in here, that I may have to just jump in and give one a go.

But what to choose...the Martine (a slip-stitch bordered hoodie), the Viola (a short-sleeved cardigan) or the Ondine (appliqued skirt)...and so many more...hmmm, will have to have a think about it.

Playing along with this week's Creative Spacers.



  1. Even *I* have been thinking about knitting as the weather cools down (even more, Summer didn't even show up this year!). I think it's gonna be a cold winter so keep knitting! x

  2. Oh it's a great colour & that book looks great! enjoy it!

  3. I'm loving that it's getting cooler too... I better get too and make some scarves too! Love the colour! :)

  4. Yes, totally obsessed with knitting at the moment. I say tackle on of those projects for sure! Each time you get to a new bit that you don't understand turn to youtube and google and carry on. That's how I've been learning. :)


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