Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A Touch of Robot Goodness

It's nothing new, but we are a house that loves a robot, or two.

When I took the kids to our local 'paint your own ceramics' place during the school holidays, Jude couldn't go past this 'Transformer' like guy. And this poor little ceramic robot has had a little of a rough ride so far, after being decapitated mid-paint, and glued back together pre-kilning.

But he's come up all shiny and robot-y, and Jude is just so pleased with him.

So I think he deserves a special spot..

Up among my vintage bottles (all bottles that Rohan has found for me) and Kabwares spoons, one which, in particular, reminds me of my childhood, up high on top of our family expedit cubes in the living area, safe from little Levi hands :-P

In other news, Anglesea was fantastic fun. Nadya has posted all about it with photos and all. Me - well, I forgot my camera and was a bit slack with the phone camera too...oops! But even amidst the wild weather (and man, was it windy!) we had a lot of laughs and a good time.

And yesterday I managed to make up some scrumptious Lemon Butter - I'll share the recipe tomorrow but be warned : it is super yummy!



  1. We love robots at our place too! And I'd love your recipe for lemon butter and look forward to it. x

  2. Poor robot has been through enough in this lifetime.....lemon butter- yummo! x


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