Thursday, October 6, 2011

Creative Space : Sew Busy

I know, I know..terrible play on words :-P

But I have been very busy on the sewing machine, and cutting table.

So there are 12 finished pillowcase dresses, 10 more at different stages, 16 market skirts cut out and ready to sew, a couple of pairs of boys shorts and another boho top.

And I'm sewing, sewing, sewing today while my older two are spending some quality time with their grandparents and Levi is playing around the house, or fingers crossed, having a fantastically long nap.

But here's a peek at a couple of things I have made...

 Size 2

 Size 3

Boho Top Girls Size 10

Creative posts abound over here each Thursday..

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  1. Loving all your pretty things lately, Kell! I'm having a bit of a break from sewing - three preschool kids at home does not a peaceful sewing environment make!

    Hope you get lots of uninterrupted sewing time today!

  2. I am so jealous you have time to sew - i am always too tired whenever i have a spare minute. Love the dresses - Oh if i only had a girl. And the boys teeshirts in your previous post are great too!
    PS - thanks for visiting another donkey design

  3. School holidays in our house, so not much my stuff happening. But i love your sweet pretty dresses.

  4. Lovely! Especially the size 10 top.... so hard to find big girls clothes :-) xx

  5. Wow you are sew busy.. ha ha ha!! I wish I had more time so I could do some sewing.. you so lucky to have the grandparents!! THe dresses look great :)

  6. Wow, talk about productive! I love the Size 2 in particular.

  7. Beautiful! I love the pillow case dresses ... wish I had a little girl to dress up!

  8. I've had a tutorial for a pillowcase dress rattling around in my bookmarks for so long... but as yet haven't gotten around to it. Yours are soooo pretty!


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