Thursday, October 27, 2011

Creative Space : This & That

Lots of things going on here at the moment, mainly sewing related, as I try and work on some new things to bring along to Huckleberry Market in just over a week.

I am in a bit of a quandary in regards of what to focus on, make more of, etc.

So, I'm going to go on a bit of a question overload now...feel free to skip over to the pics :-P or to answer any of them, if you feel inclined...

Do customers really want the clothing to go to older girls sizes (8, 10, 12)? And if yes, what type of items? The boho style top? or would they prefer it in a dress? Is there older boys items that people would like to see more of? Or come to think of it, little boy items too?

Urban hoodies - fabric preferences - jersey or cotton? There are obviously so many more choices with cotton, but jersey has that cosy & comfy factor.

This sundress - yes or no? and to what age? I've just made one for my 8 year old, which looks cute.

And then the pricing for things like the above? Any tips on figuring out prices? I never know what to charge.

Ok, rant over...brain onto what's been happening!

Finished off another boho top in size 10, I'm just not sure if it needs something else. I was thinking of adding a pink or grey frill flower - what do you think?

This urban hoodie in size 5, just needs the buttons added and then it's all done.

Last night I cut out this sundress pattern (as linked above) in size 5. I think in this fabric it's going to look so cheerful and sweet.

And lastly, I've got these fabrics ready to be cut into - not sure into what yet, other than the retro pattern - that is going to make one funky pillowcase dress.

So lots to get stuck into. And while Levi is asleep, I really should get motivated and start making.

Playing along with these creative people.



  1. Not sure I can help with your questions... but I reckon the Boho Top looks great the way it is... maybe a matching headband? My boys would love the hoodie... great with the pop of blue :)

    Thanks for leaving your lovely comment :)

  2. OOOhhhh!!! What goodies.
    Honestly - I don't know the answers to your questions... It really depends on WHO the older girl is as to what she will wear. I DO love the Urban hoodie though. I think I might need to get one for my 4 year old (who wears a size 5)...
    And that Oliver + S sundress will look totally FAB! And the retro fabric... oohhh you have too much good stuff girl! :)

  3. Hey Girl...
    pricing is the trickiest thing to do ....
    I usually have a figure in my head that I think is ok..this is a GREAT article on pricing, form the gorgeous gals at Ink & Spindle ..hope it helps..
    your work is beautiful..all the best :)

  4. I think the little shirt would look cute with the flower on the side up top near bodice seam:)

  5. Love the little dress... super cute! And I really love the hoodie! There is always such a lack of cool/cute clothes for younger boys.. it drives me nutty.. great to see you are asking questions :)

  6. Sorry I don't have any answers that would help. I think pricing handmade items is one of the hardest things to do. Maybe some buttons on the Bono top would help finish it off. Both items look beautiful though, good luck at the market!

  7. I like the boho top just simple, as is.
    I wish I had thought to ask these same questions as this is right where im at this week too. Its such a hard road to go down, does my head in.
    Love your things Kelly!

  8. Oh I am no help with anything I am afraid; except to say that I think the sun dress is cute!


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