Saturday, October 1, 2011

Crafty Kid Fun - Paper Mosaic Art

School holidays means making sure I'm prepared for those inevitable 'I'm bored' comments that seem to come ever-so-quickly.

I love mosaics, and I thought the idea of a paper mosaic piece would be fun and look fantastic, and not to mention, would entertain them for quite some time!

You will need :
* various sheets of coloured paper
* a sheet of white card (for the base)
* paste
* scissors
* paint brush (for pasting)
* pencil

To get started, firstly cut up your coloured paper into squares.
I did this by cutting long strips, then trimming it off into squares.
Remember, they don't have to be perfect squares.
And this will take about 20 minutes to do, depending on how many colours you decide to use.

While you are cutting up the paper, have your child draw their design onto the white card, remembering to keep it relatively simple.

Once the picture is drawn and the paper is cut, brush a little paste onto the card, and show your creative little ones how it works, and then let them get into it...

Jude was distracted early in the process, by an invitation to play outside with our neighbour's son, but Lana stuck to it for most of the day, and finished with this beautiful piece of art....

And Jude did return and continue working on his later in the day, but it's not quite finished yet.

And Alannah loved doing it so much, she did another one (half this size) yesterday.

Woo hoo for crafty holiday fun!



  1. this is fantastic!!! My girls would love to do this. It will be on our to do list for next week. Thanks

  2. Oh my Miss9 LOVED this. Such a great idea!

    Hi Alannah your mosaic is really cool and must have taken you ages! From Bella

  3. That is a great idea to them happy and the finished picture looks fantastic!! Well done Alannah :)

  4. Wow! so cute and so creative. I 'like" it!


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