Thursday, January 13, 2011

Small Projects

Other than Polkadot Lane bags, I have been making other 'little' projects to keep me happy and my brain ticking over creatively.

This little dress (Frida pattern - Modkid) is in Size 2/3 and was sent off to little Matilda in Adelaide, my oldest friend's little girl. From what I hear, she loves it, which is just great.

I'm quite in love with the blue, red and white combo...

I made my very first batch of profiteroles the other day, and they tasted fine but were all different shapes and sizes. After a bit of googling on technique, I did a second batch which turned out a lot more uniform. This is them, and yes, I shaped them into a heart for our anniversary (I know..cheesy :-P, but romantic too!).

It's actually a bit of a test really, as I want to do one on a grander scale for a future party, but can you picture it about 2-3 times this size, with fresh flowers popped in and around...could look pretty fabulous, don't you think???

A knitted bow, attached to a fabric covered headband for Alannah..

One happy customer there...

And a little felt, fabric and hand-stitching for a friend, and her new bubba Elliot...

Also on the go is an oil & acrylic painting that I'm working on, but it's quite big so it will probably take me a while to finish, and I'm knitting my very first piece of clothing - a little hooded jumper for Levi. I have the back & front finished, and I've nearly finished the first sleeve. Huge learning curve for me, as I had never increased or decreased before, so I'm happy as it's a new challenge that I have been able to meet - yay!

Now, I am off to sew up a couple of custom orders while Levi sleeps, and the other two are otherwise occupied.

Take care


  1. Gorgeous dress! I know cos ive seen it for real. Love the combination of red white and blue too. Good to hear the jumper is coming along nicely, youre on a roll!
    I was... then I ran out of brown cotton. Off to the shops for me.

  2. you've got a lot going on! can't wait to see all the started projects when they're done, like the jumper and the painting!


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