Saturday, January 1, 2011

On My Wall..

With renovations starting to wrap up around here, I'm slowly starting to add some personal touches to the interiors. I'm working on one space at a time.

You see, it's a bit tricky. We don't have much furniture yet, as before the renos our house was all of 4 rooms.

No, not 4 bedrooms, 4 rooms in total. I know...crazy! :-P

Anyhow, we are slowly starting to figure out what we want, and where we want it to go, and are buying things as we can.

One good thing is, that I have been collecting cards, artwork, poems, quotes, decals, over the last couple of years, so I do have things to put up.

Like the clock above...I fell in love with it at Ikea, and it is huge (we get so many comments about its size!) with a diameter of 60cm. It reminds me of an old train station clock, and part of our house is actually from one of the local rail-yards from years and years ago, so it works (and that's how I sold it to my hubby who is a bit of a train history buff :-P)

It's partnered up on the wall with the following two pieces...

An artwork from my lovely and talented sister Danielle...I often pinch her art ..he he

And a print I bought from the Life In Style Expo, a few years's by Studio Oat and it's just too cute...

So I'm playing along with Wendy this week, with my wall share...why not come along and play too?



  1. Oh, im so chuffed you joined in and its so great to see little bits of your home like this! Lovely to see even more of Dan's art, Kelly. Thanks for sharing with us, x

  2. love the glimpses of your walls, can't wait to see more. we have so much white wall space here, i find it very hard to decide. but one of my goals for 2011 is to put up more art!


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