Monday, January 3, 2011

Looking at Levi

Learning so much each day...

I love seeing how excited he gets when he does something new...

The drool seems to be never-ending...

As does his chatter, his desire to be with Lana and Jude and his lack of desire to sleep :-P

He hits 9 months this week, and...
* he blows raspberries if you try and feed him something he doesn't like
* he shakes his head 'yes' and 'no' at the funniest times
* he still has no teeth
* and he still doesn't sleep through the night (boo!)
* he loves banana, vegemite toast, custard and watermelon
* he can pull himself up to standing in his cot

Back soon with a yummy recipe for summer.

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  1. he is so so adorable Kelly! funny: Spencer has 1 tooth (at 14 months!!!) and also doesn't sleep through the night. i actually blame that on the (missing but hurting) teeth....

    xx sylvia


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