Saturday, November 13, 2010

Matisse to Make With

I'm just madly in love with the new Alexander Henry range called 'Matisse', using designs by the awesomely talented Henri Matisse. I have been a fan of Matisse since I was an art student in high school, so I am super happy to see his designs in the medium of fabric....

So beautiful.....


  1. hm, that's strange, in my reader, there is post called "ladies night out", but when i click on it, it says the page doesn't exist! anyways, hope you had fun on the concert, i just wanted to say i had a ladies night out on a concert as well on friday. feels so good doesn't it? xx

  2. I love Matisse as well. Are you getting any of these gorgeous fabrics? I'd be very curious to see what you'd make with them!


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