Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Little Levi

Levi is 7 1/2 months old already...crazy, right?

He's hit a few milestones over the last two months - he's rolling around, and moving around a lot. One minute he's on the lounge room rug, the next minute he's heading towards the kitchen. Levi is going to be quite a handful once he masters crawling, I think.

Levi can sit by himself quite confidently now. He's also started pushing himself up on his toes, and just yesterday starting testing out his knees. Not long now!

Alannah has the knack of being able to make him laugh big belly laughs, which is very cute to watch.

Levi is babbling lots of word-sounding noises, but nothing distinguishable yet.

Oh, and he has the most crazy mop of curls on his head, which gets comments almost everywhere we go :-)...I love it!

Levi is the perfect last addition to our little family.



  1. Hi Kelly, these shots of Levi are so wonderful. He and Elishas bub Hurley would get on like a house on fire, I think. They are at the same stage almost exactly, apart from I was on the phone to Elisha yesterday when she yelled into the phone 'HES CRAWLING'.
    See you sunday!

  2. He's such a spunky monkey. That photo of him with Sophie is awesome Kell!

  3. i can't help but comment on his hair! it's crazy! and so cute.

  4. Oh Kelly, Levi is just so yummy!, I can't believe how time flies!, its such hard work with three isn't it but its so so worth it!


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