Thursday, November 11, 2010

My Creative Space.. it's been a week already, and I haven't blogged between Creative Spaces...oopsie :-P

It's been a busy week really, and with a bout of food poisoning yesterday, my week has been thrown all out.

But here's a bit of what I've been working on...

I made some bags using the Modkids 'Emma' pattern. The first one I made (the pink one above) is for Alannah, as I've also cut out a Modkids 'Frida' top in the matching fabrics. But once I realised how sweet they were, I just had to make some more....

And on the more practical side, the spring weather is finally kicking in, here in Melbourne, so hubby and I have been trying to finish up the exterior paint job. My job this week is the interior and exterior of the front door & side window.

This door is now externally 'Foam Frost' to match the external windows, and the interior is one coat in of 'Pale Mushroom'. 2nd coat to go on today...I'm loving the freshness of the white tones but am not sure how sensible the colour choice is with 3 kids....oh well :-)

Anything creative happening in your corner of the world today? I'm sure you'll find a load of inspirational blog posts over at Kirsty's so why not check it out....


  1. those bags all look great and i hope you manage to get your painting done before the forecast-ed storms get here in a few days!

  2. I had similar kid/paint reservations with the selection of shades of white. n the end it was a no-brainer because I couldn’t find Smear of Mud Brown or Spaghetti Bolognaise Attached to a Wall Red....

  3. Those bags are too cute! What will they use them for? They look perfect for a little picnic... xxx

  4. I love the bags, so cute! The fabrics are really pretty too.

  5. Lovely fabric choices - can't wait to see the dress and little bag combo. I love that your wee man is pictured helping with the painting - now thats what I call multitasking!

  6. Thanks for sharing those bags they are very bright and eye catching.


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