Thursday, June 17, 2010

My Creative Space..

is a mess!

It started out innocent enough - I thought I'd do some scrapbooking (there is a layout in the photo..camouflaged a little maybe, but definitely there :-P). Then while sorting through some alphabets, I thought - why not have a big clean out, sort through, etcetera so that's what I've been doing, and will continue to do today. It's always good for the creative mojo to do some de-cluttering...well, I think so anyway..

And just a quick share of a couple of finished projects, from my 'unfinished projects' pile.

First up, some pj's for my nephew Bodie - in size 3. Now, I didn't actually make the top, but I did add the dinosaurs onto it. I started making these a couple of months ago, but got stalled when I was short of fabric. Feels good to get these done.

And next up is a granny square scarf, that I have given to Dan. It uses 12 granny squares, and is finished off with a single crochet edge. I really like the way this one turned I might make another one someday....

Other than the above scrap layout, I've got a couple of crochet beanie bands to assemble and I'm halfway through a striped crochet scarf, which are my projects currently on the go. I also have to start getting into the plans for Alannah's cupcake party which is in late July, and have a huge sewing to-do list.

There's always something on the go....just the way I like it

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P.S - Thanks for all your comments. I always love hearing from you!

P.P.S - And no, I haven't bought any of the below fabric........................yet! he he


  1. i hope you get all the sorting done. i love it once my supplies are all organised, such a good feeling! your pj's and scarf are great, wonderful job! :)

  2. Hi Kelly, Love the jammies very cute,Im sure youre nephew will love them!

  3. I love a big clean out. So rewarding!

    Love the scarf. I would definitely wear one of those. Very nice. Lou.

  4. Hi There Kelly! Great name :-) Love the dino pj's and the granny square scarf. Every week when I see so many people making lovely crochet items I really wish that I too could crochet. I'm going to have to enlist a fellow blogger to teach me. Have a great week.

  5. Did you see the cute cupcake cookie cutters in Robin's kitchen? I'm dying for an excuse to buy them!!!


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