Thursday, June 24, 2010

My Creative Space..

Is mainly dedicated to sewing today..hopefully anyway, if Levi plays happy baby :-P

I've had this softie idea in my head for a few weeks now for this sketch makes him look a little menacing, but he's not going to be - more like a big, goofy, friendly monster with a quirky grin...we'll see anyhow..

And I'm planning on making some little aprons and/or bakers hats for party pressies for Lana's friends who are coming to her cupcake party in July. I've just ordered the invites, and I think I really better get onto this otherwise I'll never get them done...

I always have a thing for polkadots..can you tell? he he

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  1. Lovely fabrics Kelly! Aprons would probably be a lot quicker than chef hats! Good luck with the making.

  2. A cupcake party? Now that sounds like a great idea! Love the fabric. x

  3. great idea for a girly party. good luck with the aprons and hats


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