Friday, June 25, 2010


My little boy is not so little anymore - 5 years old now - unbelievable! School next year which is even crazier.

Here's a few things about Jude at 5 :
* Still loves all things Star Wars, Transformers, Lego and Robot-based
* Uses words like 'awesome' and 'cool' to describe things he likes
* Eats cornflakes or rice bubbles for breakfast everyday
* Loves playing with his big sister, and gets bored when she's not around
* Nearly every night when Roh gets home, he utters the words 'play something with me daddy'
* He can't sit still! Even at dinner time he's monkeying about on the chair, or while watching a movie he'll be climbing all over the's frustrating to watch, but also quite funny when you think about it.
* Loves having stories read to him
* Can count to 20
* Still sneaks into our bed most nights for snuggles
* Adores his new little brother, and loves to chat to him while he's having his nappy changed

Look how cheeky (and adorable and spunky..he he) they look...they'll be up to mischief together in no time, I'm sure!



  1. Where has the time gone, I can't believe he's five. I am starting to feel old with all these kiddies of ours growing up so fast....Jonah will be 10 in 6 months...AAAAHHHHH. I will have a teenager VERY SOON! 2 little cuties...Levi has the cheekiest little face, watch out for that one babe!

  2. Feels like only yesterday he was born babe, can't believe how quickly the time has raced by. He is still such a cutie and I am a sucker for those dimples.
    It's a scarey thought that in a blink it will be Levi turning 5....going to make the most of my baby cuddles with him while I can =O)


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