Wednesday, February 10, 2010

In My Neighbourhood

Awesome : Having a laneway of friends/neighbours who know the true meaning of being part of a community, and sharing our lives (and houses and cars and sugar :-P) on a daily basis

So obviously these furry critters aren't my neighbours...he he...but do you remember one of the songs from this show? It goes something like 'these are the people in my neighbourhood, in my neighbourhood...they're the people that we see each day...' which makes me think of our little laneway community.

We have about 4 houses that share school/kinder drop off's and pick up's (car pooling - good for the environment, and for the mum who's turn it is to say goodbye in her pjs :-P) and we have after-school madness with our open door policy for the neighbourhood kids, so most days don't go by without having at least one little visitor for some playtime, or some quiet time while my two head off down the lane to play with their little friends. There is a quiet laneway (off of our main road) where the kids can ride bikes and scooters, and have adventures among the trees.

It really is a good life, and I'm so appreciative to have neighbours who have become friends, and who have the same sense of community that we have. It makes for very happy children and a lovely environment to belong to.


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