Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Loving Jamie

I've always been a big fan of Jamie Oliver.

His meals look amazing, he puts his time and effort into some great causes and his enthusiasm for cooking is contagious, but I rarely cooked from his books because of the time factor.

Then I saw his show '15 minute meals' and I was hooked!

Spiced Chicken, Bacon, Asparagus & Spinach Lentils - Pg 52

Ok, so for some, the meals might take more than 15 minutes to prepare and the time doesn't include getting the ingredients out, and getting the tools/pans/utensils out but it does include the food prep and cooking, and I figure, even if it takes me 30 minutes to prepare a 3 dish, healthy, nutritious meal, I'm still doing alright.

Golden Chicken with Braised Greens & Potato Gratin - Pg 48

And the cool thing is, a couple of my close, awesome girlfriends also bought this cookbook, as did my mum, so we have all been sharing what we've been making, our reviews of the dishes (did it work? did everyone like it? and most importantly for me, did the kids eat it?) and even pics (love Instagram for this!).
Ricotta Fritters with a Tomato Sauce & Zucchini Salad - Pg 232

And fortunately for me, my kids love Jamie Oliver too, so generally if I tell them it's a Jamie Oliver recipe they will eat it (even lentils!), and usually, even love it...

Greek Chicken, Herby Veg Couscous & Tzatziki - Pg 38

Do you have a favourite cookbook you could recommend? Are you a fan of Jamie too? ;-)

(BTW - not a sponsored or paid review - I just love this book!)


  1. Hey Kelly, we also love love love Jamie Oliver in our house. We just made the chicken satay skewers and noodle salad from 30 minute meals and it was so gorgeous we licked tha satay bowl clean. Wish I could post a pic here because we did take photos!! Shae once made me open the book to here fav pic and sit him at the table before she would eat her dinner!!

  2. i saw all these lovely dishes in your IG stream already... so yum! yes, even 30 minutes sounds like a decent time. i might just also have to get this cookbook ;)

  3. Any meal under 30 minutes is great. If there are a few that actually only take 15 minutes then I'm sold on this book!
    My favorite cookbook is one with pretty generic German meals, and that makes it so great for me living far away from home. Many of these meals don't require fancy ingredients which I find practical.


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