Thursday, January 10, 2013

Creative Space : This Little Fox

This week...

I've been playing around with my fox screen print design...I've printed her solo, with vines and now I've upsized her to make into a cushion (or two!).

And as of this morning, I now have a market to make for...

Yep, Polkadot Lane, along with the other makers from Curious Bazaar will be having a big double stall at the next Emu Plains Market on the Mornington Peninsula on Saturday 19th January - I can't wait!
And it's just over a week away, so I've got to get busy...really busy...

Lots of creative people linking up here or via Instagram (#mycreativespace) - come say 'hi'!



  1. Love love love your little foxy with the vines! Gorgeous! What will you be making them into? :)

  2. What a beautiful print! Love it! Have fun at the market:)

  3. This fox pillow is so nice, especially with the complementing fabric in the back!

  4. You are so clever kelly. Such a crafty dabbler, jack of all trades. I hope you had a great market day.


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