Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Crafting Star Wars Style

With boys, it's always great to find crafty, quiet projects to do with them, that align with their interests.
It's no secret that in our house, sci-fi books and movies are almost part of our everyday.
So when a friend sent me a link to this craft book, I just had to have it..

And when I showed Jude - he just couldn't wait to get it open and pick out our first project to make.

And what was the one thing he just had to make as soon as possible?
The General Grievous finger puppet, of course!


Next project : The Washcloth Wampa (who is pretty cute) or the AT AT Herb Garden (I think our garden needs a little Star Wars touch ;-))


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  1. Absolutely love it. I have two star wars loving boys at my place.


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