Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A Sweet Summer Dress

For my sweet niece Amara, who loves the colours red and blue.

Using Simplicity Pattern #3515.

Back soon with some stamp carving adventures.


  1. Lovely, yes carved stamping please!

  2. Beautiful fabric! The dress design suits it so well too. I bet it will be much loved.

  3. Happy New Year Kelly! I love those colours, they are just perfect summer colours...faded blues, bright reds and sunny beachy.

  4. After seeing this post I got this pattern- just blogged it over at mine. Thanks for the inspiration! Wish I could do one in my size in your colours, though! My girls is purple mad, I'm very surprised with her fabric choice though.

  5. I saw Becs and came over to see your version, too! It looks lovely


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