Monday, April 30, 2012

KCWC Days 3 - 7

Ok, so I didn't get as much made as I had hoped, but life kind of got in the way - a migraine wiped out Thursday, and a party on Saturday, for Alannah, wiped out two days with preparation work (more on that another day).
But I did manage to get one other project finished...

Project 2 : Cord pants for Levi, with contrasting fabric pockets.

Pattern : Shwin&Shwin 'Nowhere Man' Pants pattern
Size : 2T (a little long for Levi at the moment, but still cute)

Such a great pattern, and I really like the finished product - the little model is pretty spunky too :-)



  1. Oh my word, so cute! I really need to make my boys some clothes - they are so neglected ;)

  2. They are SO cute!!! The cord works well for this pattern, I think! Love the pocket fabric detail too... a really goregous touch :)

    1. Oh and i hope you feel better... Migraines are no fun at all!! I get them too... Grrr!

  3. this is really a great pattern and you picked some fab fabric :) good you made them a little long, it would be too bad if they didn't last long.

  4. Love them! Corduroy pants on little boys are the bomb, x


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