Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Crochet Hook Holder - A Sewing Tutorial

On the weekend, I was sorting through my craft nook, and finally found all of my various sized crochet hooks. I popped them in a jar for the time being, but then thought, why not make a crochet hook holder?
So while I was at it, I thought I'd write up a quick tutorial on how I make them (I've made one other before, for a friend) for any readers who may be looking for something similar.

Ok, so here goes...

You will need :
2 cotton fabrics
Small square of felt
Ribbon (approx 90cm)
Fabric pencil

 First up, cut out your fabric :
1st fabric - Cover - Cut 1 - 23cm x 44cm piece
2nd fabric - Lining - Cut 1 - 23cm x 44cm piece
2nd fabric - Pocket/Pocking Lining - Cut 2 - 11cm x 44cm piece

Your pieces should look something like this...

Next up : Pocket

Prepare pocket by sewing across the top edge - fabric right sides together.
Fold right side out, and press flat. Topstitch.
Lay pocket onto main lining piece, both right sides facing up, and pin all 3 sides.

Baste stitch each side, to hold in place while we measure out and sew up the individual pocket sections.

Cut a small square of felt, approximately 6cm x 6cm, and pin about 3cm in from each side on the top left hand corner.
Sew a straight line down the centre, attaching the felt to the lining piece. This is for your wool needles.

Next : Sectioning your pocket

From right to left, measure out the following :
17 of 1.5cm spaces
4 of 2cm spaces
1 of 2.5cm space
1 of 3cm space
1 of 4cm space

The last one may end up a little larger, but that is fine :-)
Mark the lines in using a fabric pencil.

Straight stitch over your lines. My tip is to sew from bottom to top, holding the fabric taut as you do so, to limit any puckering with your pocket sections.
Trim loose threads.

Next : Assembling

Pin the cover to the lining piece, all the way around, right sides together.
Start sewing at one end and follow around, but leave at least a 5cm gap opening at the end you started, to be able to pull it through the right way around.

Trim corners, then turn right side out.

Take your ribbon and fold in half.
Place the folded end into your 5cm gap and pin in place, with raw edges tucked in.

Top stitch around entire holder.
Fill with your crochet hooks and wool needles.

Roll up and tie with the ribbon, and ta da! a new, easily portable crochet hook holder.

Have fun!

Oh, and would love to hear if anyone gives it a go :-)



  1. this looks nice, thanks for the tutorial! easy enough for me to possibly give it a try. i might have to add to the dimensions to make it big enough for pencils. (since i don't have crochet hooks...)

  2. Looks great and easy to make :) Love the fabric combination!

  3. Such a cute idea and very easy to make! I made my slots a little wider (2-2.5 cm) since I use ergonomic hooks but was still able to fit plenty of hooks.


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