Sunday, April 15, 2012

Wiggle and Squirm

WARNING : Worms ahead!

Yesterday it was such a beautiful Melbourne autumn day, and with the kids at their grandparents for the day, Roh and I decided to spend it in the garden together.

One of the first things on our agenda (after coffee, of course :-P) was to buy either a worm farm or compost bin....we went with the worm farm...

I'm very excited about our plans for the garden. We planted up some herbs and fingers crossed they thrive, or at least start growing. We are trying out a new rockery plant for right by the steps where currently we've had no success in keeping plants alive. I planted a mass of pansies around the base of our baby japanese maple tree, and a few english box hedges went in along the path.

But my next exciting project is two raised vegetable garden beds.

They will be going here...

So as you can see, lots of prep work to get started with...fortunately we are up for a few more sunny days, and hopefully a couple of 2-3 hour naps for Levi, so I can actually get some work done.

I don't really know what I'm doing when it comes to gardening, but I enjoy it and that's the main thing!
And I'm sure I'll learn a few things along the way.

And as for the worms - well, the kids finally have some pets - a thousand of them! :-P

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  1. Great post Kel.
    Nice to 'visit' your garden again and in the daytime too, what a treat!
    That spot youve been umming and ahhing about is perfect for a raised vegie bed I think.
    Hope its not to difficult to build,

  2. Love it!, might need some tips from you Kelly, if we eventually get our house ;-)

  3. worms are the best little gardening partners, aren't they?
    we were just yesterday talking about building a compost bin, maybe i have to throw the worm farm idea into the debate!

  4. Starting an edible garden is so exciting!


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