Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A Hoodie or Two

It's been so nice to sew for my loved ones, after the mad market sewing, and it feels great to have finished a couple of hoodies for two very loved little boys.

For my littlest man Levi...

A cute hot air balloon design in cotton jersey, made up in Size 2, which is a little big but that's a good thing - hopefully it will last through Autumn.

And this one is for my gorgeous nephew Cedar...

I just love this Urban Hoodie pattern by Heidi & Finn - it's great to sew up, and looks so cute on, as well.

Might make some more up soon :-)

And here's another photo of Levi, just because - I know it's out of focus but I just love it...



  1. how fantastic do they look?! well done, love! xx

  2. Love the hoodies!!! LOVE the fabric in Levi's one.. soooo gorgeous! I'm looking forward to after the xmas craziness so I can make some things for my little man :)


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