Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Around Here...

we've been doing lots of


Shopping for and assembling flatpack furniture


Making felt hair clips

And a little playing with fabric...

I'm trying to get a fair bit of sorting and re-organising done in Miss Lana's room today, and hopefully even a bit of styling. 
Will share soon, I hope.


P.S - In the new year, I was thinking of starting up some sort of Pinterest challenge - anyone interested?



  1. Love that apple clip! I'd love to be part of a challenge, can't wait to see what you're planning!

  2. uh, yeah, you're going to get me totally hooked on pinterest!! :)
    i love how many projects you have going on at the same time, can't wait to see the updates especially on the pavement/patio!

  3. Busy bee! Love how the outside is looking, very different from when I last saw! You know I'll be in on anything Pin!! Catch up with you soon chic xoxo

  4. a pinterest challenge? that sounds awesome!


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