Friday, December 30, 2011

A Girly Haven

My Wednesday was spent completely in Miss Alannah's room - sorting, cleaning, hanging, folding...

By the end of the day, her bedroom was as done as I could get it (BIR doors still need to go on, and I've got a bedside table project about to be started, and maybe a few more bits and pieces for the walls) but for now, all is good in Miss Lana's girly haven.

Here's a peek...

It feels so good to have found homes for all of her things, and hopefully (fingers crossed) she can manage to keep her room reasonably tidy most of the time.
I would love to say all of the time, but hey, I'm a realist :-P

Happy Friday!


  1. It looks lovely! I love the colour of the feature wall and the decal at the head of her bed, very nice!

  2. That is really nice looking,i am going to be doing this soon to my kids room.

  3. Alannah's space is just beautiful, with lots of room to grow. The placement of the decals is fantastic!


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