Monday, September 19, 2011

A Merging of Makers

With market season upon us, it is probably an apt time to let you all know about this little merger with my friend Kate.

Life is so busy and hectic, and the pressure of making for markets, can, at times, feel a little overwhelming. So with that in mind, my friend and I decided on a merge of stock for markets, while still maintaining our own Made It shops and branding, on the actual items.

Basically, one shop with 2 design ranges.

So when we took Polkadot Lane...

And Sew Chirpy...

We got Chirpy Lane...

Cute, right?

The super talented Danielle from over at Curiouser is the clever one, who created all 3 of these brands - thanks chica!

Now this is the banner you will find me under at all upcoming markets, and there are a few coming up, but I'll fill you in a bit closer to the dates.

Meanwhile, I better get my sewing and printing mojo into line, and get making, making, making!

Next on the list : boys screen printed tees - 1 design down, 2 to go.

Enjoy your week!


  1. This is wonderful Kel.
    Its so good to take the pressure off. Im feeling it here today all on my lonesome trying to get the sewjo going.
    I have to send you an email about a combined photoshoot we (MonetPaisley and I) are setting up and wonder if youre interested. Its becoming huge!
    Of course both sides of Chirpy lane are invited,

  2. What a cute brand name, love it!! Love Posie

  3. i like the way the name and design is merged. danielle did a great job again!


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