Monday, September 26, 2011


Friday night, my friend Kate and I headed into the city, to CAE in Flinders Lane to attend 'Cupcakes Galore' - a cupcake decorating course. We had bought a couple of vouchers from one of those websites (you know the ones? - Scoopon, Living Social, Daily Deals, etc) at around 60% off of the regular price - bargain!

The course was all about technique, more than anything, and after 2 hours of theory, we got to play on our own 6 cupcakes.

Here are the 5 techniques I played with :

This one the teacher called 'The Proposal Cupcake' but it really was just using chocolate ganache instead of buttercream and adding red roses...(oh, and all the flowers used were premade..but I will learn how to do them one day too! The leaves are by me though :-P)

"The Classic"

"The Lattice"

"The Softserve" - this is my favourite, as I think it would look fantastic on mass, and it's just so cupcake-y..

"The Topiary"

And she also demonstrated "The Rose" which was just beautiful but I didn't get a chance to try that one, although Kate did and it looked amazing, even with the icing being a bit too warm and droopy.

So, that was my Friday night.

How was your weekend?



  1. GORGEOUS Kelly... LOVE them all!!

    Weekend was busy as always... BUT I managed some scrapping for only the second time this month :S

    Hope you are your fam are well XOXO Charmane

  2. So beautiful! Like miniature edible gardens.

    Was there icing everywhere at the end of the evening?




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