Thursday, September 8, 2011

Creative Space : Playing with Prints

Well, I've definitely been attacked by the screen printing bug, not bitten, attacked - I love it!

I've been working on mostly some t-shirt designs this week, some turning out, others not but hey, that's what the learning process is all about, right? And thanks to some tips from Lamina and Jude (thanks ladies!), I think I've got the supercolour ink working a bit better for me, thank goodness.


This one here is actually on a tote bag, and I went a little crazy with felt and some stitching. The owl print actually worked a lot better on this one, than on the owl on the t-shirt above.

Anyway, this tote bag is heading off to a friend today - hope she likes it!

And I've got a sweet tweet bird almost cut out and ready to test print - I'm thinking in aqua blue with some white details...

What are you up to in your creative world?
Take a peek into some fabulous creative spaces over here. As always, the inspiration is amazing!


  1. its so adorable...well done!

  2. Wow you have totally gotten attacked by the bug!! There is no going back now... ha ha ha!!

    Love your designs.. very cool! The owl is so cute and I love that you use felt and other things... the tote bag looks fab!

    It's all just too much fun hey :)

  3. Your screen printing looks fabulous and I totally love your tote. Your owl is fantastic :) Kx

  4. Ben loves his tshirt, and apparently got the nod of amused approval from his workmates ;)
    That tote looks awesome!

  5. What a lovely gift, lucky friend! Love that little tie. : )

  6. Love your designs, especially the owl.

  7. These lookgreat, love the tote bag! Owls are cool!


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