Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Joy of Giving

Awesome : Watching Jude & Alannah's faces light up while opening up presents..

As we don't celebrate Xmas, Roh and I try and surprise the kids with special gifts throughout the year, especially around our wedding anniversary (which is next week). The kids know our anniversary as our 'Family Day', as that is the day we started out as a family of two, but that has now grown to 4, nearly 5 :-)

I love watching them open up their presents, not knowing what to expect, and then seeing their little faces light up in excitement and delight. Alannah just loving all the little pieces that come within her new Barbie Glamour Jet (seriously, what's not to love about miniature soda cans, utensils, coffee jug, tea cups plus so much cute!), while Jude trys to help Roh build his Pirate Lego Fort, as well as the Pirate Lego Ship (not pictured), but really just wanting to play with his new peg-leg pirate lego man. And I actually think that Roh has just as much fun as Jude :-)

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  1. Oh wow! My girls would adore that glamour jet!

    Also, looking forward to reading about your everyday awesomeness this year!


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