Thursday, January 14, 2010

Crochet Project & Happy Cousins

Awesome : Finishing a new project, learning a new technique

I finished this lady elephant today, from the book "Amigurumi World : Seriously Cute Crochet". I had to adjust the pattern a little - the head shape was all wrong, and I've over-stuffed the head trying to compensate, and the trunk is a bit too long (but is made according to the pattern) but she's still a bit cute and Alannah loves her, which is the main thing.

This feels like quite an accomplishment - it's the first crochet thing I've actually finished, and it's a different style to the granny square crochet that I have been doing. It didn't even take that long to do (the elephant stands about 16 cms tall) surprisingly :-P

And today, I have a second awesome thing to mention ....

Awesome : Watching all 4 little cousin's faces light up when they had a play date today, after over two weeks apart from each sweet

Not So Awesome : Realising that I really need to work on my photography...especially the whole focusing thing...he he

Take care xx

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