Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Crafty Inspirational Links

Awesome : Inspiring & Free Craft Patterns from Fabulous, Generous and Creative Crafters

The wide world web is just full of so many free patterns and tutorials for all sorts of crafts, so it's easy, when looking for inspiration, to find some. I have many things on my 'one day to-do list', including these links....

A Knitted Hot Water Bottle Cover - would be so cosy for winter snuggling on the couch. It's even classed as 'an easy knitter' so there is hope that I could do it :-P

A Funky Toadstool House Pin Cushion - Cute, cute, cute!

Fold Twist Fabric Flowers - would be great to make into hair clips, or for using on clothes/bags/cushions or scrapbook layouts.

Three Little Pouches - Purl Bee is a fantastic site for knitters & crochet people as it regular uploads free patterns and has quite a catalogue available now. How adorable are these pouches! I think I might have to try one soon :-)

Super Easy Knitted Baby Blanket - I love how Purl Bee call this one 'super easy' - very appealing to the new knitter! I'm thinking of doing this one up for bub, but I would have to get a move on, as bub is due in mid April, and I haven't even bought the wool yet :-P

Would love to hear if anyone out there has any other fabulous free patterns or tutorials that they have created or have created from, or have on a wish list to create, or a favourite crafty blog.

Keep on crafting :-)

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  1. lovely stuff you found there Kelly! i'm having lots of fun with your sister ;-)


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