Friday, December 26, 2008

House Progress - 24th - 26th December 2008

It's really starting to look like a room now. Here's the run-down over the last couple of days...

24th December 2008 : First wall frame was made and put into place.

Here's Roh and his dad making up the first part of the back wall :

Second frame put in place. This is the first part of the back wall (rumpus room).

Two cheeky little monkeys spying on their dad and pa from the living area windows.

Third wall frame on it's way.

26th December 2008 : Fourth wall frame placed in position. All four frames up.

Lana and Jude outside, watching the action.

All walls braced. First floor timber sitting on timber frame, not in the right spots, but ready to be maneouvred (is that the right spelling?? lol)

Sorry this is all quite factual, but I really want this as a record of happenings, as much as to share the photos and progress with my interstate family & friends, who all know how long we have been waiting for this. Roh's really happy with how things are travelling, and so far, nothing too dramatic has gone wrong, so fingers crossed it continues that way.

Um, what else have we been up to? Took the kids to see Madagascar 2 yesterday - so hilarious! We all loved it. I've been scrapping - finally got one of my half finished projects completed - yay! Will share very soon. Still have about 6 other unfinished projects to get through, but oh well, all good.
Took myself off to the Myer stocktake sale early, EARLY (7.30am) this morning just to see if I could get Jude a new suit for a good price, and I am happy to say that I succeeded - woo hoo! The suit jacket was $30 off, while the pants had $19 discounted from the full price, so I was very happy indeed :-)

Ok, I think that about does me for today...sorry for the randomness of my post. Hope everyone is well and safe!

Hugs, K xx

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