Friday, December 19, 2008

House Progress - 12th - 18th Dec 2008

This has been one crazy week, what with the Heidi Swapp Workshop, Cassie staying (yay!) and the house finally starting underway - it has all been a little chaotic, to say the least.

Anyhow, this is just going to be a house update, for those who are curious, and especially for my interstate family to see. Woo hoo - it's all happening now!!

12th Dec 2008 : Plans pinned up on wall. Our constant reminder of our end goal.

14th December 2008 : Nathan removing the old stumps from previous owners attempt at an illegal extension & prepping the site for Earthlift.

14th December 2008 : Site finished by Nathan & Roh, all ready for Earthlift on Tuesday.

16th December 2008 : Tait Timber delivery of our timber using a crane truck. Timber is now sitting in our driveway :-P

16th December 2008 : Earthlift drilling in our screw pile stumps. Were suppose to go down 6 metres, as detailed in our geotech engineer's report, but they hit rock about 3-4 metres down, so for each stump they went in just as far as they could, after approval from our engineers and council reps.

16th December 2008 : Earthlift removing the dirt ramp, which they used to access the top 4 stump sites, and clearing for the remainder of the stumps to go in.

17th December 2008 : James, from Close Quarter Earthmoving, came in with his excavator to remove a lot of excess fill and prep the site for levelling & for the sub-floor to go down.

17th December 2008 : Site cleared and ready for Earthlift to come back and cut the screw piles to the right height and add braces.

18th December 2008 : Earthlift cut screw piles and weld on steel braces. Site ready for sub-floor.

18th December 2008 : Rohan and Clayton prep the existing house for the new sub-floor to be installed.
18th December 2008 : Rohan and Clayton bracing the existing house.

18th December 2008 : First piece of sub-floor timber layed.

As I type, Rohan and his dad are building the sub-floor. The inspector has been by and approved it, so now we are good to go with the flooring, framing, first floor sub-floor, first floor framing and more. Will be back with more photos as things progress. So exciting!!

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  1. Wow its all happening fast now!! Looks awesome Kel!! Cant wait to see the finale!


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