Sunday, December 21, 2008

House Progress - 19th-21st December 2008

Ok, so I'm back with some more house shots. Can't believe how much has happened in one week!

19th December 2008 : Rohan and his dad, Dennis, started bright and early putting the hy-joists into the sub-floor frame. The inspector came around just before midday and gave us the go-ahead to keep on building - yay!

19th December 2008 : About 5pm - all done!

20th December 2008 : Saturday afternoon Roh and his Dad continue working. This time attaching the floor sheets to the sub-floor. In this pic, Roh is attaching some brackets to the frame.

View from back of house :

21st December 2008 : Roh, with some help from Ben, finishes off the flooring. Woo hoo! Our rumpus room has a floor!!

This is the view from the rumpus room - tree tops. So serene and beautiful.

And here's Roh sitting on the new floor. It's a beautiful day here - a little bright for photos :-P

So far things are progressing well with the house, although it will probably slow down this week due to other commitments. Everyone here is very happy that things are finally happening though.

I have scrapped some more, and have nearly finished another layout that I can share. Will be back tomorrow, maybe ..he he.

Take care.
K xx

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  1. Woow you have a rumpus room floor. You must be so excited to see the work finally happening.


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