Thursday, November 29, 2007

Photo Play

Just a few weeks ago, my little sis and her son Caden were here, and while we were all doing things as a family (me, Roh & kids, Dan, Ben & kids and Hayley and Caden) we figured it would be a good time to do a little photo shoot...the only pain being that Hayley's partner Alan didn't make it over for the visit, so they are minus him. But Dan got our her tripod and camera, and we had the boys transfer an antique couch (thanks Dannii!) into Dan & Ben's wild backyard and off we went. The one of all the kiddlies was actually printed on a canvas for my parents 30th wedding anniversary which was last week. Happy (belated :-P) Anniversary Mum & Dad! xx Love these photos :-)


  1. Oh, lovely photos, especially the one of the kids, so cute!

  2. So love thosephotos kelly they all are great.

  3. Kelly, I adore these photos they are fantastic.


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