Thursday, November 1, 2007

New Shop Stuff :-)

New Queen & Co Felt Fusion Ribbons arrived last week, and look absolutely gorgeous. I had a play this weekend with one of the black scroll 1.6" ribbon, and it is very nice. And at Kiti Q I have priced them at $1 less than the RRP - so bargains are available all round!

Here's some peeks - these are all available now at Kiti Q :

Also on their way are 3 new Bam Pop Stamps - "N is for Ninja", "M is for Monster" and "Double Bubble" - all very cool. There is limited stock arriving for the first shipment, and personally, I'm in love with the little Monster - so cute :-P

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  1. Hey Kelly

    My name is Sara, I am 27 and from clicking on chick lit on my profile, I found you. We have similar interests and I hope that you don't mind me checking back at your blog regularly.


    Sa x


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